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Our Prices

We strive to streamline our processes so we can offer you the best rates possible.

With child seat installations starting at only $35per seat, we are confident that everyone can keep their children safe!


Car Seat Checks

Checks are free of charge!

Our experienced staff will determine if your child seat installation meets the minimum safety standards as per AS/NZS 1754.
If your installation does not meet this minimum threshold, we will charge the installation fee of $35 to re-install the seat correctly.


Single, Double or Triple Seat Installations

$35 / $ 55 / $75

This service includes the demonstration and installation of one, two or three child seats or capsules, and a gated buckle if needed.
Tether strap extensions and towels (to adjust the reclining angle of the seat) can be purchased separately on-site. 


Booster Seat Installations


As booster seats require less effort to install, we offer this service at a discounted rate. 


Child Seat Consultations


Choosing the right child seat for your circumstances can be quite overwhelming.
We will ensure that the seat you choose is appropriate for your child, your car type and your budget. 

This service includes the demonstration and installation of one child seat or capsule,
and a gated buckle if needed. The installation can be booked at a later date.

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